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After All

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Lyric by J. Will Callahan
Music by Lee L. Roberts

Copyright MCMXIX by Jerome H. Remick & Co., New York & Detroit
Copyright, Canada, MCMXIX by Jerome H. Demick & Co.
Propiedad para la republica Mexicana de Jerome H. Remick & Co., New York y Detroit. Depositada confirme a la ley

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You've been crying now I can see
Don't deny it now some to me
Tho' the skied are gray clouds hang low
Brush those tears away
Don't you know dearie
(to Chorus)

After the night there's always the bright-time
Shadows must fade at dawn
After the showers the sunshine and flowers
To prove that the storm has gone
After the yearning for someone's returning
Tear drops will cease to fall
After the sorrow a fairer tomorrow
Joy finds us after all

When you're sighing dear stop and smile
It's worth trying dear just a while
Tho' each pleasure seems lost to you
All your golden dreams
Will come true maybe
(to Chorus)



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