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A Kiss in the Dark
Music by Victor Herbert
Words by Buddy Gard De Sylva

New York: Published by Harms, Incorprrated (62 West 45th Street)

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[Verse 1]
I recall the mad delight
Of a lovely dance,
And a stroll into a night,
Trembling with romance.
There he told me of my charms,
How could I resist?
Suddenly within his arms I was held and kissed!
Oh, that

Kiss in the dark
Was to him just a lark,
But to me 'twas a thrill supreme!
Just a Kiss in the dark
But it kindled the spark,
The wak'nin of love's young dream!

[Verse 2]
That was love in all its pow'r;
Yet today it seems
Like a sweet but fleeting hour,
In the land of dreams.
There we parted in the dawn,
he had played a part;
But the mem'ry lingered on
In my trembling heart.
Oh that,




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