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Kiss a Miss

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Kiss a Miss
Music by Maurice Baron
Lyric by Cal de Voll & Jack Yellin

Chicago: Published by Forster Music Publisher Inc. (235 South Wabash Ave)

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[Verse 1]
Come, dear, I hear
Music so entrancing;
Ev'ryone dancing
To the "Kiss a Miss".
It's a new waltz
Best of all when you waltz
With someone you love to kiss.
Sweethearts who love
With a tender true love,
Just the way we two love,
Can't resist its charms;
|Some new feeling
Softly comes a stealing
As I take you in my arms.

Hold me just a little tighter,
Whisper we shall never part,
All the world is so much brighter
When I press you to my heart.
Give me those sweet lips that taunt me,
You won't miss a little kiss;
Dearest, if you really want me,
Kiss me while they're playing "Kiss a Miss"

[Verse 2]
Somehow, right now I'm so happy, dearie,
Life's so bright and cheery
When I waltz with you.
Seems like moonlight
On a balmy June night
In a world just made for two.
Gently gliding
Modest blushes hiding
Tender dreams fiding,
To that haunting tune;
Let us ever
Be this way together
On an endless honeymoon.


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