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Sung by Miss Fritzi Scheff
Kiss me again
Written on the theme of "If I were on the stage" from the comic opera Mlle. Modiste
Lyric by Henry Blossom
Music by Victor Herbert
New York : M. Witmark & Sons

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Ah! dear one!
How often I think of the past!
Can it be you forget?
Perchance 'twas a passion too wondrous to last,
But I dream of it yet!
I see you again, as you gazed in my eyes
With joy all alight!
So fondly you'd fold me as softly you told me
Of Love through the star-sprinkled night.

Sweet summer breeze whispering trees,
Stars shining softly above;
Roses in bloom, wafted perfume.
Sleepy birds dreaming of love.
Safe in your arms, far from alarms,
Day-light shall come but in vain.
Tenderly pressed close to your breast,
Kiss me! Kiss me again!


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