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Rory O'More


Samuel Lover

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Rory O'More. Sung by Mdme. Caradon Allan. Written & composed by Samuel Lover Esq. New York published by Atwill N. 201 Broadway. [18--]

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Young Rory O'Moore courted Kathleen bawn,
He was bold as a hawk, and she, soft as the dawn,
He wish'd in his heart pretty Kathleen to please,
And he thought the best way to do. that was to teaze;
"Now Rory be aisy sweet Kathleen would cry
Re proof on her lip but a smile in her eye,
"With your tricks I don't know, in troth, what I'm a bout,
Faith you've teazed till I've put on my cloak in side out"
"Oh Jewel" says Rory, "that same is the way
You've thrated my heart for this many a day,
And 'tis plazed that I am, and why not to be sure.
For 'tis all for good luck says bold Rory O'Moore.

"Indeed then" says Kathleen "don't think of the like
For I half gave a promise to soothering Mike
The ground that I walk on he loves, I'll be bound"
"Faith" says Rory 'i'd rather love you than the ground"
"Now Rory, I'll ory, if you don't let me go,
Sure I dream every night that I'm hating you so!"
"Oh says Rory "that same I'm delighted to here,
For dhrames always go by conthrairies my dear;
Oh! Jewel, keep dreaming that same till you die,
And bright morning will give dirty night the black lie,
And 'tis pleased tha I am, and why not to be sure?
Since 'tis all for good luck," says bold Rory O'Moore.

Arrah Kathleen my darlint you've teaz'd me enough,
And I've thrash'd for yor sake Dinny Grimes and Jim Duff,
And I've made myself drinking your health quite a baste,
So I think, after that, I may talk to the Priest!"
Then Rory, the rogue, stole his arm round her neck,
So soft and so white, without freckle or speck
And he look'd in her eyes that were beaming with light,
And he kiss'd her sweet lips- don't you think he was right?
"Now Rory leve off Sir- you'll hug me no more,
That's eight times to day that you've kiss'd me before;"
"Then here goes another" says he "to make sure
For there's luck in odd numbers" says Rory O'Moore.



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