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kissing thro' the bars
written by Genl. William F. Small
composed & arranged for the piano by Joseph Wood Jr.
published by Winner & Kerk 110 Nth Eighth St., Philadelphia.

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‘Twas in a grove I met my love,
One soft and balmy night;
I own’d my flame, she did the same,
And trembled with delight;
When at her gate we parted late,
I bless’d my lucky stars,
And stole a kiss to seal our bliss,
Between the wicket bars.

I went again but sought in vain,
The grove my love to find;
I fear’d the worst and yet I durst
Not think she was unkind;
To solve my fate I sought the gate,
And there Oh! Happy stars,
I found and press’d her to my breast,
And kiss’d her thro’ the bars.

I ask’d her why she did not fly,
Like me on wings of love,
To where our vows beneath the boughs,
Were whisper’d in the grove;
She said of late the garden gate,
Seem’d nearer to the stars,
The hint was plain, and so again
I kiss’d her thro’ the bars.

But kissing leads to graver deeds,
And constant visions brings,
Of golden show’rs and orange flow’rs,
White gloves and wedding rings,
And now our fate no envious gate,
With wicked wicket mars,
For wedded fast, we’ve learn’d to last
To kiss without the bars.



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