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Kitty Clyde


L. V. H. Crosby

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To his friend. T. Hough.
Kitty Clyde
"With a basket to put in her fish
Every morning with line & a hook
This sweet little lass
Thro' the tall heavy grass
Steals along by the clear running brook"

Poetry & music by L.V.H. Crosby.
Boston : Russell & Richardson. 291 Washington St.

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O who has not seen Kitty CLyde
She lives at the foot of the hill
In a sly little nook by the babbling brook,
That her father's old mill
O who does not love Kitty Clyde
That suny ey'd rosy cheek'd lass
With a sweet dimpl'd chin that looks rougish as sin,
With always a smile as you pass
Sweet Kitty, Dear Kitty,
My own sweet Kitty Clyde,
In a sly little nook by the babbling brook,
Lives my own sweet Kitty Clyde.

With a basket to put in her fish,
Every morning with line and a hook.
This sweet little lass,
Through the tall heavy grass,
Steals along by the clear running brook.
She throws her line into the stream,
And trips it along the brook side,
O how I do wish
That I was a fish,
To be caught by sweet Kitty Clyde.
Sweet Kitty &c.

How I wish that I was a bee,
I'd not gather honey from flowers,
But would steal a dear sip
From Kitty's sweet lip,
And make my own hive in her bowers.
Or, if I was some little bird,
I would not build nests in the air,
But keep close by the side
Of sweet Kitty Clyde,
And sleep in her soft silken hair.
Sweet Kitty &c.


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