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The knight from Palestine
a romantic ballad
Written, composed & inscribed to his friend M. Swett by John H. Hewitt.
Balto. Published by Geo. Willig Jr. 149 market St.

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Blow warder blow thy brazen horn,
The champion of the cross is near;
His gallant charger rtamps the lawn,
And brightly shines his massy spear.
He safe returns from Palestine
His sword is red, bruis’d is his shield;
No more shall he in shackles pine,
No more traverse the gory field.
Then merily the harp shall sound,
The halls with costly feats shall shine;
Then warder send the signal round,
Thy knight returns from Palestine.

The warderblew a quiv’ring note,
It echoed o’er the waving brake
And swiftly sped the champion’s boat
Thro’ the bright waters of the lake.
The lady rush’d to greet her lord,
And fondly in his arms she fell;
He kiss’d her neck of snowy white,
For then he knew she lov’d him well,
Now merily the bells slo ring,
And brightly cross and banner shine;
The minstrels strike their harps and sing,
The noble knight from Palestine.



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