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Laddie in Khaki: The Girl Who waits at Home
Words and Music by Ivor Novello

New York: Chappell & Co Ltd. (41 East Thirty-fourth Street)

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[Verse 1]
There is a girl who waits at home
Who's full of charm and grace,
Tho' her heart is sadden'd, yet
She keeps a smiling face
Ask her whom she's thinking of
All the live long day
With a smile that lights her face
She will softly say

"Laddie in the Khaki
I'm waiting for you!
I was you to know my heart beats true;
I'm longing and praying,
And living for you,
So come back little Laddie in Khaki!"

[Verse 2]
Just be brave a little while,
He'll come to you again,
You'll forget the weary days,
And you'll forget the pain.
He'll be proud of all the courage
You have shewn today,
He'll make you forget the time
When you used to say:



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