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Harry Lauder

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The Laddie Who Fought and Won
Composed and Sung by Harry Lauder

New York: T.B. Harms and Francis. Day & Hunder

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There's a dear old lady,
Mother Britain is her name,
And she's all the world to me.
She's a dear old soul. always the same,
With a heart a big as three.
And when troubles and trials are knocking at her door,
And the day seems dark and long,
Her sons on the land and her sons on the sea
They all march to this song,

When the fighting is over, and the war is won,
And the flags are waving free,
When the bells are ringing ,
And the boys are singing songs in ev'ry key,
When we all gather' round the old fireside,
And the old mother kisses her son,
A' the lassies will be loving all the laddies,
The laddies who fought and won.

[Verse 2]
We can all look back to the his'try of the past
That has made us what we are.
We have pledged our word we all shall hold fast,
Be the day away so far.
And till that time comes, let us fight and fight
Let us fight till vic'try's won.
We will never give in, we are out to win
To the very last man and gun.




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