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The language of love
(Le parlate d'amor)
The beautiful flower song from the celebrated opera of Faust.
Act III, scene I
music by Ch. Gounod
rendered into English by J. Wrey Mould.
New York: Published by Wm. A. Pond & Co., 547 Broadway, New York.

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Le parlate d'amor,
O carifior, Ditele che l'adoro
Ch'e il solo mio tesoro,
Ditele che il mio cor
Language d'amor
Le parlate d'amor
O carifior,
Recate i miei sospiri
Narrate i miei martiri
Ditele o cari fior
Quel ch'ho nel cor.

Son vizzi, ahime! lo stregon maledetto maldiceva or or.
Non potrai piu senza che mora
Toccare un fior.
Se bagnassi la man nell' acqua santa?
Vien la quando il di muor a pregar Margherita
Ed ora vediam! vediam presto
Sono appas siti! no!
Satan sei vinto gia.
In lor soltanto ho fe;
Parlin perme,
Da lor le sia svelato
Il misero mio stato
Ella penar mi fa
E ancor nol sa.
In questi fiori ho fe
Parlin per me.
Se non ardisceamore,
Possa in sua receil fiore
Svela re del mio cor
Tutto ll'ardor,
l'ardor, tutto l'ardor, l'ardor tutto l'ardor.

[English translation]

With an eloquent pow'r,
Thou gentle flow'r,
Tell her how I adore her. say that I bow before her,
Filling the moon-lit grove
With language of love
Speak in passionate pow'r
O darling flow'r;
Breathe of my hopeful fearing,
Whisper the tale endearing,
Tell her I fain would prove
How much I love.

They wither, alas! yonder wizard's prediction did bespeak a truth.
I nevermore, unless I blight it May gather a flow'r!
Suppose I bathe my hand in holy water:
At eve to yonder shrine, gentle Margaret cometh.
'Tis easy of proof, let me test it!
Now do they wither! no!
O friend! Heaven prevails!
On ye my faith I stake Mutely then speak,
Speak with a fond persuasion
Open to no evasion,
Tell her without her light,
The sun in night!
Here then my hope I stake;
Flow'rs, ye shall speak:
Wake in her virgin bosom
Love's everlasting blossom:
O, to her heart reveal
All that I feel!
Reveal all, all I feel!
Reveal all, all I feel!



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