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The Last Waltz
operetta in 3 acts
by J. Brammer 7 A. Grunwald
American version and lyrics by Edward Delaney Dunn & Harold Atteridge
Music by Oscar Strauss
New York : Tama Music Publishing Corp.

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Hear how the music is calling to you
Telling its passion so tender and true,
Each swelling measure calling to pleasure,
Flooding with ardor, with heart beating harder.
Melodies golden, lilting and light,
Measures unfolding, joyous and bright,
hear how they're calling to you tonight,
Calling to dance in radiant delight.

For this may be the last waltz,
That love will grant to you
The last the sweetest dream waltz,
Where in our dreams come true
Oh, dear and wondrous last waltz,
You lure us as we part,
Oh, cruel taunting last waltz,
You break my longing heart. For heart.

Wondrous, compelling the melody seems
Tempting and burning our hearts to their dreams,
Murmuring measure promising pleasure,
Singing their songs of joys that we treasure.
Dance with your loved one, dance while you can,
Lilt with your rhythm, maiden and man,
Life so enduring with all it's charms,


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