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The Storm
An Imitation of Nature
Composed for the piano by Henry Wever

Nashville, Ten. Published by C.D. Benson & Bro.

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A immitation of Nature.
The following is the idea conveyed by this Composition: A Shepherd is going home with his flock. While he is playing an air on his flute, a storm approaches; the thunder; the roaring of the water; the crash of trees, and the firebells are to be heard in succession.
N.B.1 marks the loud Pedal which is to be held down throughout the piece; 2 marks the soft Pedal from which the foot is to be taken, when that figure is encirceld as: (2) On the judicious management of the soft Pedal in connection with the loud Pedal, the effect of this piece mainly depends. Care should be taken to commence the thunder softly without playing the tones distinctly.


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