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Let us be Sweethearts Again

Words and Music by Ernie Erdman and Anton Lada

Chicago: McKinley music Co. (1921)

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[Verse 1]

When love was young we tho’t all our dreams came true,
Your sweet caress brought happiness;
one day we quarreled just like true lovers do,
A tear, a sigh, a last good bye.


Dearie, come let’s forgive all our heartaches,
Dearie, come let’s forget all the pain;
Brush the tears from your eye, let the dark clouds roll by,
For the sunshine will follow the rain.
Like a flow’r you have grown, dear,
Just a part of my heart to remain;
With your sweet tender charms nestle close in my arms,
Come and let us be sweethearts again.

[Verse 2]

Both night and day while I’ve been away from you,
My heart would ache and nearly break;
In dreams I hear your voice and your promise true,
Let’s live once more those days of yore.



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