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Lou'siana Belle
Written for and Sung by Joseph Murphy of the Sable Harmonists

Cincinnati: Published by W.C. Peters
Louisville: Published by Peters & Webster
Cincinnati: Published by Peters & and Field

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[Verse 1]
Lou'siana's de same old state,
Whar Masa us'd to dwell;
He had a lubly eullud gal.
'Twas the lLu'siana Belle.

Oh! Bell don't you tell, don't tell Massa, don't you Belle
Oh! Belle, de Lou'siana Belle,
I's gwine to marry you Lou'siana Belle.

[Verse 2]
I went to de ball de udder night,
I cut a mighty swell;
I dane'd Polka pigeon wing,
Wid de Lou'siana Belle.


[Verse 3]
Dere's Daddy Jim ob Caroline
I know him by de swell,
Tryin' to come it mighty fine.
wid de Lou'siana Belle.


[Verse 4]
Dere's first de B and den de E
And den de double LL;
Anodder E to the end ob dat,
Spells Lou'siana Belle.



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