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Augustus Clapp

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History ob de World
Composed by Augustus Clapp

Boston: Published by G.P. Reed (17 Tremont Row)

Some of the resources may contain offensive language or negative stereotypes. Such materials should be seen in the context of the time period and as a reflection of attitudes of the time. The items are part of the historical record, and do not represent the views of the libraries or the institution.


[Verse 1]
I am right from Old Wirginny,
Wid my head fill ob knowledge,
I have neber been to private school,
Nor any odder college;
Oh! I can tell you one thing,
It is a solemn fact,
I will sing de hist'ry ob de world in de twinkling ob de crash;
Den walk in! Walk in! walk in I Pray,
Oh walk into the parlor boys
And hear the banjo play;
Oh walk in to the parlor boys
And hear de banjo ring,
And watch de niggars fingers
While de pay upon de strings

[Verse 2]
This world of mud from the bottom of the river,
And the sons of all foc fire as you may diskiver,
The moon is made of cheese, and it always keeps a gwine,
But the sun stands still while the world keeps flying.

[Verse 3]
Dey first made the earth and den dey made the sky,
And den dey hung it up above and left it dar to dry,
Den dey made the stars out of niggar wenches eyes,
To give a little light when the moon don't rise.

[Verse 4]
So Adam was the first man,
Ebe was de tudder,
Dey put cain on the troddin mill, because he kill his broder,
Sampson was a strong man, nor wasn't countol lazy,
Case he took an asses jaw bone and sle de gates ob Gazy

[Verse 5]
Massa Jonah was a sassage maker, Thusula built the ark
Julecum Ceasar was a fisherman, what swallowed down a shark,
De highest mountain in the world is Pompey's famous pillar,
And the gratest man that ever lives was jack the giant killer.

[Verse 6]
And dare was major Noah got the varmints all together,
Because it gan to look very much like rainy weather,
The elephant it came last and Noah says your drunk,
Oh no I an't, it took me all the while to pack my trunk.

[Verse 7]
Noah built the ark and he filled it full of sassage,
And all the animals had to take a cabin passage,
It rained forty days and nights, exactly by the counting,
And it landed Noah''s ark on the Alegany mountains.

[Verse 8]
There was a wicked sinner and Dagon they did call him,
Case Noah wouldn't let him in he said he meant to maul him,
He made a rush and stubbed his toe and fell against the ark,
His head was like a Codfish and his tail was like a shark.


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