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Who would be a bachelors wife
a comic song
written by Chas H. De Forest.
composed by Leonard Marshall.
Boston: G.P. Reed & Co., 17 Tremont Row.

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Oh, dear! how I wish I was married.
And free from all doubts of this life;
All ready too long have I tarried
Who would bee a bachelor's wife?
Who would be the bachelor's wife?
What a fool! that I do not get bolder,
And ask someone to wed whille I can;
But I wait, and by waiting grow older,
And shall soon be a grey headed man.
A grey headed man.
A grey headed man.
And shall soon be a grey headed man.

The reason why some remain single,
They are parsed in the "imperfect tense"!
With "no cents" in their pockets to jingle,
But their heads are too full of "nonsense"!
There are so many so dumpish and stupid,
Their offers are proffered in vain;
And if once they are shot at by cupid,
They never dare try it again.

Like me some are always too modest,
Who love, but who never propose;
And of all things the queerest and oldest,
Would like to be one of the "beaux"!
There are some who have wit but not beauty,
And others who've too much of "brass";
Some are spurned for their calling and duty.
But a "swell" for being a donkey.

Oh, the reason with me is, my figure
Is too short, and so awkward you know!
Oh! had I been taller and bigger,
I'd been married ten years ago.
But like a half pair of scissors or snuffers,
I shall useless be laid on the shelf,
Without some one who knows "how I suffers"
Will "pop me the question" herself.


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