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New and original song and dance
Love among the roses
words by W.H. Delehanty
music by E.N. Catlin.
published by G.D. Russell & Company. 126 Tremont opp. Park St.

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It was on one summer's evening
in the merry month of June
I beheld a damsel sitting
'Mid flower's sweet perfume
She had a novel reading
just as I was passing by
And as she turned another page
I saw the brightest eye
A bewitching smile was on her face
As charming as the posies
I felt the smart of Cupid's dart
'Twas love among the roses.

Now I hate to tell but then I must,
Within her heart I place my trust
She was sitting in the garden
WHere the little butterlfy reposes
And how we met,
I'll ne'er forgwet,
'Twas Love among the Roses.

Now I passed her house next evening
The clock had just struck eight
And I saw my future happiness
She was standing by the garden gate
She smile as I approached her
And I begged her to excuse
May I view those pretty flowers
She murmured if you choose
I spoke about the violets
Then finally made proposes
Thro' the garden we walked of happiness talked
'Twas love among the roses.

I confess I love Matilda,
Matilda, that's her name,
And there is a charm about her
Which I never can explain
She dresses up to fashion
To her style there is no end
And of course she must look dashing
For she wears a Grecian Bend
But she's left her home and where she's gone
Most everyone supposes
For as dear as life is my little wife
'Twas love among the roses.


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