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Loves Rosary

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Love's Rosary, ballad
words by Geo. Buxton
music by Jennie Innella
arr. by Dawson Dumont.
New York : Leo. Feist

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Last night as I said my Rosary,
Alone within my room,
An inspiration came to me.
There in the gath'ring gloom,
It seemed as though I saw a light descending from above,
Then I wrote in the stillness of the night,
A Rosary of Love.

First she's a babe in a cradle,
Then a child at her dear mother's knee,
And her pearls are the tears she may shed thro' the years,
Of the coming years to be.
As she grows older she's counting life's beads,
And learning her destiny,
And later in life she's a true loving wife,
And mother, That's Love's Rosary.

I always say my Rosary
When twilight shadows fall,
For recolections come to me,
Sweet mem'ries I recall,
It seems I am a child once more at my dear mother's knee,
And just as in the days of yore,
Learning Love's Rosary.


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