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Joseph Woodruff

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After The War Is Over. Words by E.J. Pourmon and Andrew B. Sterling. Music by Joseph Woodruff. Joe Morris Music Co. 145 W. 45th ST., New York.

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Heroes are marching, marching to the war,
Echoes of vict'ry, reach us from the Marne,
Transports are sailing from shore to shore.
Pershing is marching he's marching on.
With Old Glory waving proudly as before
Bravely he is fighting and we know he'll win
Yankee hearts are saying we will win this war.
Yankees are sweeping onward onward to Berlin.

After the war is over when the battle's done
Everyone's heart will be joyful after the victory's won
Liberty's flag will be flying no matter where you may roam
And i know we'll be happy when the boys come marching home. home.



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