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Lovey Dove

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Lovey Dove
(duet, Howard and Midili)
lyrics by Harold Atteridge
music by Sigmund Romberg.
New York, N.Y. (1428 Broadway, New York) : Tama Music Pub. Corp.

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There are many love words new;
Are there any that will do for you?
What expression could I take
In my confession that I want to make?

Lovey Dove, cuddle up,
Dovey dove, huddle up near me,
Honey Lamb, I’m for you, ‘deed I am,
Honeydew Dearie!
You’re my precious, precious, you’re just love complete;
I adore you, for you’re so sweetie, sweet.
Tootsie Dear, rest up near,
Wootsie Dear, nest up near,
Kiss me! If I go,
If I should whisper low, say you would miss me!
From my heels to head
I’ll tell you, I am dead in love.
Ev’ry day, more and more,
I adore Lovey Dove! Dove!

Loving sweethearts always look
For sweet phrases in Dan Cupid’s book.
Though these love words are not new,
These love words,
Dearie, all apply to you.


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