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Austin Phillips

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Maiden, Wrap Thy Mantle Round Thee: A Favorite Ballad
The poetry by H. Kirke White
The music by Austin Phillips

Boston. Published by C. Bradlee 135 WAshington Street

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Maiden, wrap thy mantle round thee;
Cold the rain beats on thy breast:
Why should horror's voice astond thee?
Death can bid the wretched rest.
Under the tree Thy bed may be,
And thou may'st slumber peacefully,
Under the tree Thy bed may be,
And thou may'st slumber peacefully.

Maiden, once gay pleasure knew thee:
Now thy cheek's grown pale and deep:
Love has been a felon to thee,
Yet, poor Maiden, do not weep;
Under the tree, there's rest for thee,
Where thou may'st sleep most peacefully.
There's rest for thee, under the tree,
Where thou wilt sleep most peacefully.


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