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Matrimonial sweets the celebrated comic duett. Sung with great applause by Miss Woodward & Mr. Boynes, written & arranged by W.H. Freeman. Boston: Published by C. Bradlee, Washington street.

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Do cease your clack and hold your tongue
You're always teazing squalling bawling
You're always quarrelling all day long
And ugly names are calling
You know you ne'er can be at peace
Now pray do let your passion cease
You're never quiet I deny it
Madam you'll my rage increase
Oh dear Oh dear tis the plague of my life
That ever I became your wife
Oh dear Oh dear tis the plague of my life
That ever you became my wife.
Oh dear Oh dear 'tis the plague of my life
That ever you became my wife.

You know you're always gadding about
Dancing, Walking, Chatting, Talking
You know from morn 'till bight you're out
With other ladies walking
You know you're always after fellows
'Tis only you're so very jealous
You'll own you do it
Oh you shall rue it
We're a happy pair of people tell us
Oh dear oh dear &c.

You'll own you tempers very bad
Looks so flouting always pouting
Yours is enough to drive one mad
Suspicious, jealous, doubting
You know my passion dont remain
But soon as off begins again
Oh how vexing
How perplexing
You'll put me in a rage again
Oh dear oh dear &c.

My dearest love don't leave me so
Without measure you're my pleasure
You know my love I could not go
For you're my darling treasure
Then for the future let's agree
And live in sweetest harmony
Nor let to morrow
Madam we had better part
Than by living constant din in
Oh i'll agree with all my heart
Let's be the task beginning
I hereby bid a last adieu
And bow I take a final view
Take which corner you like best
Oh dear oh dear i now for life
Am rid of my tormenting wife
Oh dear oh dear I now for life
Forsake the office of a wife
Well then Madam as you are determined to go
good bye
good bye sir
You'll recollect madam'tis all your own fault
I beg you pardon sir'tis all your own fault
I say'tis yours sir
Zounds madam I say'tis yours
You know I was in a passion.

Bring forth sorrow
To crush our sweet felicity
Oh dear oh dear 'tis the joy of my life
That I ever became your wife
Oh dear oh dear 'tis the joy of my life
That ever you became my wife


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