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Mammy O'Mine

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Mammy O’ Mine

Words by William Tracey

Music by Maceo Pinkard

New York: Shaprio, Bernstein & Co (1919)

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[Verse 1]

I’ve read your letter, Mammy O’ Mine,
Now I feel better, Mammy O’ Mine,
Still I’m kinda homesick, too,
No one can cure me, but you.


Mammy O’ Mine,
Below that Old Dixon Line,
Oh, how I’m longing to kiss you,
I miss you, all of the time,
I kiss your picture each night,
And read the letters you write,
For they remind me, of days of long ago,
Oh! Lordy, how I’d like to be with you
When I’m alone,
My thoughts go wandering home,
Then I start thinking of you,
And feeling so blue, I could cry,
Now I know why,
Daddy used to say, the good Lord bless’d us,
When he gave us you, ‘cause you’re the bestes’,
Angel divine,
You wonderful Mammy O’ Mine.

[Verse 2]

When night is falling, Mammy O’ Mine,
I hear you calling, Mammy O’ Mine,
Like I did in childhood days,
Days I’ll remember, always.



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