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William Ball

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Dear Native Home
as sung by Madame Vestriss and adapted to a favorite French Romance by William Ball.
Boston: published by Oliver Ditson. 115 Washington St.

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Far o'er the wave, as morns soft beam returning,
Slowly unveil'd the well rememer'd shore,
How swell'd my heart, with eager fancies burning,
Dream of past joys; and hopes of priceless store;
Sweet home receive me,
Faithful I come,
Never oh, never to leave thee dear native home.
Sweet home receive me,
Faithful I come,
Never oh, never to leave thee, dear native home.

Vainly for me, love's signal radiance bright'ning,
Flam'd from his altars o'er my truant way,
Absent from thee, the summer's beauteous light'ning;
Less harmful play'd not round the fading day.
Sweet home &c.

Cease, ye who sing, the wand'rers heartless pleasures,
Leave, leave my path, no more, no more I roam,
Here lives a charm, worth all uncounted treasures,
Here breathes the sigh of welcome, welcome home.
Sweet home &c.


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