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The Dream is Past
a song written by Edward Fitz Auburn Esq.
composed by Stephen Glover.
Boston: published by H. Prentiss . 33 Court St.

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The dream is past, and with it fled,
The hopes that once my passion fed;
And darkly die, mid grief and pain,
The joys which gone come not again.
My soul, in silence and in tears
Has cherish'd now for many years;
A love for one, who does not know
The thoughts that in my bosom glow.
Oh! cease my heart, thy throbbing hide
Another soon will be his bride;
And hopes last faint but cheering ray,
Will then forever pass away.

They cannot see the silent tear
That falls uncheck'd when none are near;
Nor do they mark the smother'd sigh,
That leaves my breast when they are by.
I know my cheek is paler now,
And smiles no longer deck my brow;
'Tis youth's dcay, 'twill soon begin
To tell the thoughts that dwell within
Oh! let me rouse my sleeping pride,
And from his gate, my feelings hide;
He shall not smile, to think that I,
With love for him could pine and die.


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