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The mansion of aching hearts
words by Arthur J. Lamb
music by Harry Von Tilzer.
New York : Harry Von Tilzer

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The last dance was over, the music had ceased,
And the dancers were leaving the hall,
A few men were saying their last goodbyes,
To the beautiful belle of the ball,
Alone by the window a youth sadly stands,
His heart she had stolen away,
And just as he gazed on her beautiful face,
He was startled to hear someone say;

She lives in a mansion of aching hearts,
She's one of a restless throng,
The diamonds that glitter around her throat,
they speak both of sorrow and song;
The smile on her face is only a mask,
And many the tear that starts,
For sadder it seems, when of mother she dreams,
In the mansion of aching hearts.

Alone by the fireside, a man sadly looks,
At a picture that hangs on the wall,
He has never forgotten the sad sweet face,
Of the beautiful belle of the ball,
He's reading her letter
"My picture I send, I have loved you, but only in vain,
Oh try to forget that we ever have met,"
Then he thinks with a heart full of pain;


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