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Mary, you must marry me
waltz song
words & music by Anita Owen.
The Jones music Co., music publishers. New York

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Mary my dear, I want you near,
Promise that you will not leave me.
Surely you know I love you so,
Say that you never will grieve me.
I will be faithful kind and true,
I'll surely make you care for me.
Do not delay,
Come name the day,
Mary you must marry me.

Mary I love you, O Mary,
Mary you must marry me,
Mart don't be so contrary,
I'm dead in earnest you see.
When you're away I'm so lonely,
I'm just as blue as can be,
So I will be stealing you, Mary,
Mary you must marry me.

I love your eyes, I love your sighs,
O love your smile so beguiling.
You are so neat,
Dainty and sweet,
I can't resist all your willing.
tho' you're heart whole, and fancy free,
I'll surely make you care for me.
Don't be unkind,
Please change your mind,
Mary you must marry me.


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