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The Marines

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Dedicated to the United States Marines.
The Marines
first to flight on land and sea
words and music by A. G. Wobus
arranged by Fred Hilligardt.
published by A. G. Wobus. St. Louis, Mo.

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We have left behind our dear ones,
To fight for Uncle Sam,
We have vowed to Dear Old Glory
To do the best we can.
For the Stars and Stripes forever
With sacred pride must wave,
And our cause will fail us never,
It's Justice makes us brave.

Stars and stripes,
We'll fight for thee,
We are at your command;
We pledged our life to keep you free,
We're first on the sea and land.
To you we'll always loyal be,
Our Country first of all.
We'll fight for you on land and sea;
Our flag will never fall.

Don't forget the little children
Here, and in distant land,
We must save them for their future
From Autocrats foul hand;
For we love our God and country
It's allies far and nigh,
And we know no selfish motive,
We're bound by Love's sweet tie.


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