Historic Sheet Music Collection


The Mazurka


John J. Frazer

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Hark! merry dance inviting, ev'ry guileless heart delighting
Health and pleasure; both uniting,
Bid us, Love, no longer stay.
'Tis the sweet Mazurka sounding,
Fairy forms are gaily bounding,
Happiness seems all surrounding
Wherefore then should we delay
Come, love, come
'Tis pleasure calls thy heart to cheer,
Come, love, come, no longer waste the moments here.
mark each bright eye brighter growing,
See each cheek more healthful glowing
Pure delight each gesture showing,
As they lightly trip around
At sweet music's call advancing,
See them, love, so joyous dancing ,
Pleasure seems each soul entrancing
Heighten'd by the joyous sound.
Come, love, come, nor let us longer now delay
Come, love, come,
And mirth's gay call at once obey.



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