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The Meeting


Ernest Kollmann

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The Meeting
Poetry and music from the German or Ernest Kollmann
New York: published by Firth & Hall, No. 1, Franklin Square

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O happy day! O joyous hour!
That brings me back to Love's own bow'r
To kneel again at Beautys shrine
To breathe thy name and call thee mine
But late we parted and I strove
To hide the tear drop from my love
The tear is past the sigh is o'er
We meet in joy to part no more
The tear is past the sigh is o'er,
We meet in joy, to part no more.

For thy dear sake I've breath'd farewell
To that dear Home where kind hearts dwell
Whose love hath hallow'd every scene
Where I from youth till now have been
The bright ey'd throng the happy band,
The ties of kin and father land
The love of many for the one,
I leave for thy dear sake alone!
O happy day my sighs are o'er
We meet in joy to part no more.


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