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favourite song written and arr. for the piano forte.
Baltimore, John Cole

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Hours there were to mem’ry, dearer,
Than the sunbright scenes of day;
Friends were fonder, joys were nearer,
But alas they’ve fled away.
Oh! ‘twas when the moonlight playing,
O’er the valleys silent groves,
Told the blissful hour for straying,
With my fond, my faithful Love.

Oft when ev’ning faded mildly,
O’er the wave our bark would rove;
Then we’ve heard the night bird wildly
Breath his vesper tale of love.
Songs like his, my Love would sing me,
Songs that warble round me yet.
Ah! But where does mem’ry bring me,
Scenes like those I must forget.

But in dreams let love be near me,
With the joys that bloom’d before;
Slumb’ring then ‘twill sweetly cheer me,
Calm to live my pleasures o’er.
Then perhaps some hope may waken,
In this heart deprest with care,
And like flow’rs in vale forsaken,
Live a lonely beauty there.


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