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Moonlight in Sleeping
Composed by George Linley
Arranged by Austin Philips

New York: Published by Firth, Hall & Pond (239 Broadway) and Firth & Hall (1 Franklin Sq.)

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[Verse 1]
Moonlight is sleeping
Over tree and tower
Night dews are weeping
Over herb and flower
All is calm as infant slumber
Nought disturbs the sweet repose
Save the ever tuneful nightbird
Singing to his own lov'd rose
Come love to me!
Moonlight is sleeping
Come love, come love, come love to me!
Over tower and tree;
Come then to me love,
Come! come to me love
Like that sweet bird
Love I'll sing to thee.
Come then to me
Come to me.

[Verse 2]
Love! dost though heat me
From thy lattice height?
Haste then and cheer me
With those looks of light,
Like some bright and glowing mirror
Shines the smooth unruffled lake;
Hither come my barque is waiting
Haste there, love; ere morning break
Moonlight is sleeping
Over tower and tree;
Oh if thou lov'st me
Come! come to me love
Oh! if thou lov'st me,
Come! come to me.
Come! come to me


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