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(Jewels of Memory)
By Charles Kuhn, Jeff Branen, and Robery Kuhn

Inset portrait with caption: Wanda Hawley / Paramount star

Joe Morris Music Co.
145 West 45th Street, New York (1919)

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[Verse 1]
How I love to turn back life’s pages,
Just to drift back through memory.
There were moments at diff’rent ages,
When the whole world smiled on me.


There were moments in early childhood,
Happy moments that I recall;
There were moments I strolled the wildwood,
When ev’ning shadows began to fall
There were moments, when I grew older,
That seemed sweeter than all to me,
But the moments I spent with you, dear,
Are my jewels of memory.

[Verse 2]
Could the moments stretch into hours
Could the hours stretch into years,
Life on earth then would be a Haven,
I could laugh away my tears.



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