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W. C. Peters

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2nd Edition
Sweet Memories of Thee
The poetry by Ameila
Adapted to the beautiful Italian air "Benedette sia la madre"
and inscribed to the memory of Miss Susan Baker by W.C. Peters

New York. Published by Firth & Hall 239 Broadway

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The bright rose when faded
Flings forth o'er its tomb,
Its velvet leaves laded with silent perfume;
Thus round me will hover in grief or in glee
Till life's dream be over, Sweet mem'ries of thee.

When soft stars are peeping,
Thro' the pure azure sky,
And southern gales sweeping
Their warm breathings by;
Like sweet music pealing, far o'er the blue sea;
There came o'er me stealing Sweet mem'ries of thee.

As a sweet lute that lingers in silence alone,
Unswept by light fingers scarce murmurs a tone
My young heart resembled that lute light and free,
'Till o'er its chords trembled those memories of thee.


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