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Martin Swanger

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You Musical Ragtime Sal.

Words by Martin Swanger

Music by W.C. Powell

New York: Church, Paxson & Co. (1911)

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[Verse 1]

Sal McAnna played a grand piano in a nickel show,
She was there with ragtime airs of all kinds good, bad, fast and slow;
Each one was pleased when she’d strike those keys,
And play a classy tune
“All alone” O, “Alexander,” “In the land of harmony”
Were her fav’rites then the people cried for more, more, just a little more
They would clap, “one more encore,” they would croon:


Sally you musical Sally
Musical Rag time Sal,
Just keep perambulatin’ on those ivory Keys,
Our hearts are plapitatin’ with those melodies;
If you play that tune forever we won’t give a care, keep that harmony
Float ’in through the air you musical Ragtime Sal.

[Verse 2]

Sal McAnna played that grand piano played it ev’ry night,
People came who heard about her fame and found she was right;
Each seat was filled and all hearts were thrilled,
Some people stood up to hear
“Railroad Rag” “When I’m alone, I’m lonesome,” and that “Billy” song
She could play them in a very taking way,
It was her little way
The more she’d play, the crowd she’d sway,
Then they’d cheer:



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