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My Angel



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My Angel

For Voice and Piano

Poetry by Raymond

Music By Guglielmo

New York: B.W. Hitchcock (1869)

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[Verse 1]

Angel of Beauty, from Heaven thou’rt seeming,
In robes of splendor, so shining and free;
What though our bosoms of sorrow be dreaming,
Still thy bright radiance a round us we see.
Tho’ clouds of sorrow may lower above us,
Still will thy smiles like the sun round us shine;
Spirit of Beauty, some heart still will love us,
Light of my soul, lovely angel divine.

[Verse 2]

Thou art an angel from Heaven descended,
Hope, like sweet music, rejoices my heart;
Though, joy and pleasure with sorrow are blended,
New life is glowing wherever thou art.
Though fond affection on bright flowers reposes,
May no sharp thorn wound that bosom of thine,
Love, smiling love, thou art queen of the roses,
Guardian spirit, sweet angel divine.


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