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My Baby Boy

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My Baby Boy

Words by Will Dillon

Music by Al Von Tilzer

New York: Broadway Music Corporation (1918)

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[Verse 1]

Mother’s only treasure, a boy of just eighteen
Mother loves him so
Still she bade him go
Now he is a solider, a hero like his dad
Mother’s heart is lonely, still mother’s heart is glad.
And as she holds his photograph, she murmurs plaintively
Your childhood days are over but to me you’ll always be,


My baby boy it seems a year to me,
My baby boy since you were on my knee
And now just think that you’re a great big man
Fighting for your Uncle Sam
My baby boy I am so proud of you,
My baby boy it thrills me through
When you are free from harm,
Come back to mother’s arms,
My little baby solider boy.
My baby boy.

[Verse 2]

Little pair of rompers
Hanging on the wall
Rocking horse and all
Idle in the hall
Empty is the cradle
Baby’s gone away
Mother’s great big darling is coming back some day.
“And if I had another son,” she said,
“’Twould bring me joy I’d have another star there and another solider boy,”



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