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My castle in the Air
Music by Jerome Kern
Words by P.G. Wodehouse

New York: T.B. harms and Freancis Day & Hunter

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[Verse 1]
I've a wond'rous castle that I've never lived in yet,
Built so many years ago in days that I forget.
It has no stone battlements and great big wooden beams.
It's walls and its bars are the dust of the stars,
And its gate the gate of dreams.

Come out there for a visit,
I've lots of room for friends.
And if you ask where it is?
It's where the rainbow ends.
It's somewhere there is
Fairyland, where there's never cloud or care.
We'll have joy and laughter, mirth and song,
And we'll all be happy as the day is long
In the shelter of my castle,
of my castle in the air.

[Verse 2]
Ev'rything is perfect that you'll find there when you go,
Just beyond the milky way and where the moonbeams grow.
No one ever worries there, for ev'rything goes right.
The sky's always blue and no lover's untrue,
And your life's one long delight.


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