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My Dearest

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My dearest
Words and Music by Luella Lockwood Moore

Detroit: Published by Grinnell Bros.

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[Verse 1] Oft in the dusky twilight,
Often when shadows shadows are falling,
Thoughts come to me of our childhood
Walks that we took in the wild wood
Dearest, do you remember
'Twas in the month of November
You just answered "Yes", that word seemed blest,
In those dear days of long ago.

Dearest, my dearest,
Deep in my thoughts you're nearest
Sweet as the breath of blossoms in summer
Eyes that are merry and lips like a cherry
My dearest, my dearest,
Deep in my thoughts you're nearest
Heart of my heart, I love you true
My dearest, I'm longing for you.

[Verse 2]
If I but knew, my dearest,
That you had never forgotten,
Love's second sight would provide me
Heart beats so tender would guide me I would forget resentment
And with a peaceful contentment
Joy would complete our lives, my sweet,
As in dear days of long ago.



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