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Will S. Hays

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My Father's Growing Old
by Will D. hays

New York: Published by J.L. peters (198 Broadway)

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[Verse 1]
O! when I gaze upon his face,
That once was young and fair,
I almost weep to think that age
Could leave its image there,
he stood the many storms of life
That round his pathway rolled,
He's resting in life's sunshine now
My Father's growing old.

I sit beside his easy chair,
His and in mine I hold,
He breathes his life yet sweetly there;
My father's growing old.

[Verse 2]
O! who can tell a father's love,
When age bringson decay,
The form grows weak, the eyes are dim,
The mind fades fast away,
'Till after a while life's sun goes down
The story then is told;
Time whispers gently in my ear
My father's growing old.


[Verse 3]
His journey to the grave is short,
His work is almost done,
His tot'ring limbs grow weaker still,
His race is nearly run;
Old age deserts him on the road,
He waits for death to come,
he's lost upon the Shores of Time,
But Angels lead him home.



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