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My Hawaii you're calling me
words by Launa Mai
music by L.W. Lewis.

Seattle, Wash. : Echo Music Pub. Co.

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In the ev'ning when the stars are peeping thru,
Skies of cloudless beauty that are ever blue,
Sighing hearts their tales of love are telling,
Same old tales I often told too.
Bands are playing softly down at waikiki,
Hula dancers swaying in their glee,
There the moon is shinning and my heart is pining,
Yes, I hear you calling me.

My Hawaii, I'm coming back again,
Your palmy shady lanes,
Your songs and sweet refrains,
Ever calling, Saying to me
Come back to me beside the sea,
My Hawaii, My Hawaii, you're calling me.

Dimpled maiden sang a fond farewell to me,
When I left old Honolula by the sea;
I still hear her dear sweet voice calling,
That voice so full of melody.
I shall count the hours till I'm back again,
Strolling with my Honolula Lou,
Ukuleles strumming, Hula maidens humming,
Yes, I'm coming back to you.


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