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My Little Butterfly

By Harold B. Freeman

Boston: Ted Garton Music Co. (1919)

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[Verse 1]

They called you little Butterfly,
Because you loved to roam,
They called you little Butterfly,
Because you had no home.
You broke a heart where e'er you went,
And filled a heart with pain,
Some day I know that you'll repent
And fly back home again.


You're just a little butterfly,
I watch you as you flutter by,
A drift on life's eternal sea,
I'm praying you'll come back to me.
It seems that life is not worth while
Without the sunshine of your smile,
But still you seem to flutter by,
My little butterfly.

[Verse 2]

Your days were filled with crowded hours
Along the great white way,
Your nights were nights of love and flow'rs,
But dear, the price you pay.
You've seen a lot of life, and yet
You're just a little child,
In this wide world we all forget
God made some roses wild.



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