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Al Sweet

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My Little Home On The Hill

Words and Music by Al Sweet

Chicago: Forster Music Pub., Inc. (1920)

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[Verse 1]

There’s a place that is dearer than all else to me, My little home on the hill; There’s a place that is all heaven ever could be, Abounding in peace and good will; There’s a sweetheart to meet me And tenderly greet me, And in my soul there’s a thrill As I hasten away At the close of the day To my little home on the hill.

[Verse 2]

There’s a mellow light gleaming to brighten the way, Guiding my steps up the hill; There’s a sweet, tender meaning in each golden ray That brings to my heart a glad thrill; There are eyes that are yearning And lips that are burning My fondest dreams to fulfill; As the sun sinks to rest I am happy and blest In my little home on the hill; In my little home on the hill.


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