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My southern home, a song
written by J.W. Watson for John Ball,
Esqr. and by him dedicated to his southern friends;
the music composed by the late J.T.S. Sullivan;
arr. for the piano forte by James Bellak.

Philadelphia (162 Chesnut St., Philadelphia) : Lee & Walker

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O that my heart could turn the air
The soft and sultry air
And on its swelling bosom rest
The dreams that hover there
Back to my lov'd my Southern home
Its wandring steps should wend
And bear those dreams those loving dreams to ev'ry loving friend.

Some heartless bard of other years
Once breath'd a hapless strain
That absence conquers every tie and love grows cold again
it may be thus but yet I know
My thought will fondly roam
Till through the dimness of the past
It finds my Southern home.


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