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My Wife is Dancing Mad

Words by Coleman Goetz and Howard Johnson

Music by Archie Gottler

New York: Broadway Music Corporation (1914)

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[Verse 1]

Ev’ry body’s prancing
To all the ragtime airs
And even street car conductors
Are dancing instructors
You’ll find the husbands are paying the fares
Mostly all the trouble
With each married couple
Lies in their feet today
And I know the reason
‘Cause it’s just the season
For ev’ry married man you meet to say
I know my


Wife is dancing mad
She’s got the dancing fever bad
She cries I’ve got to get thin
And lose this big double chin
Then she skips and she dips
I hope she slips
‘Cause ev’ry night till break of day
Upon a phonograph she’ll play
Pulls me out of bed at four,
Yells, “Get up and wax the floor oh
My wife is dancing mad.

[Verse 2]

Butchers, Grocers, Bakers, Doctors, Lawyers, Fakirs,
All have the same complaint
Each one is watching his wife
As she dances thro’ life
And hope for recovery seems to be faint
Ev’ry wifey wrestles
Tries to beat the Castles
And learns the steps they teach
Husbands must endure ‘em
There’s no chance to cure ‘em
From ev’ry married man you’ll hear this speech
I know my



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