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John C. Baker

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My Trundle Bed
or Recollections of my Childhood
Music by John C. Baker
Sung by Lizzie Hutchinson

New York: J. L. Peters (1860)

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[Verse 1]
As I rummag’d thro’ the attic,
List’ning to the falling rain,
As it patter’d on the shingles
And against the window pane;
Peeping over chests and boxes,
Which with dust were thickly spread;
Saw I in the farthest corner
What was once my trundle bed.

[Verse 2]
As I listen’d, recollections,
That I thought had been forgot,
Came with all the gush of mem’ry,
Rushing, thronging to the spot;
And I wander’d back to childhood,
To those merry days of yore,
When I knelt beside my mother,
By this bed upon the floor.
So I drew it from the recess,
Where it had remain’d so long,
Hearing all the while the music
Of my mother’s voice in song;
As she sung in sweetest accents,
What I since have often read
Hush, my dear, lie still and slumber,
Holy angels guard thy bed.”

[Verse 3]
Years have pass’d, and that dear mother,
Long has moulder’d ‘neath the sod.
And I trust her sainted spirit
Revels in the home of God:
But that scene at summer twilight,
Never had from mem’ry fled,
And it comes in all its freshness
When I see my trundle bed.

[Verse 4]
Then it was with hands so gently
Places upon my infant head,
That she taught my lips to utter
Carefully the words she said:
Never can they be forgotten,
Deep are they in mem’ry riven
“Hallowed be thy name, O, Father!
Father! Thou who art in heaven.”

[Verse 5]
This she taught me, then she told me
Of its import, great and deep
After which I learned to utter
“Now I lay me down to sleep:”
Then it was with hands uplifted,
And in accents soft and mild,
That my mother asked
“Our Father! Father! do thou bless my child!”


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