Roy's Wife


Elizabeth Grant

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Roy's Wife
and Though You Leave Me Now in Sorrow

One of sixty-eight pieces bound in “The Shower of Pearls : A collection of the most beautiful duets, for two sopranos, soprano and alto, soprano and tenor, soprano and bass, and tenor and bass, arranged with an accompaniment for the piano-forte.”

Boston. Published by Oliver Ditson & Co. 277 Washington Street

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[written above music staff]
Roy's wife of Aldivalloch! Roy's wife of Aldivalloch!
Wat ye how she cheated me,
As I came o'er the braes of Balloch!
She vowed, she swore she wad bemine;
She said she lo'ed me best of ony;
But ah, the fickle, faithless, faithless queen!
She's ta'en the earl, and left he Jonnie.

Though you leave me now in sorrow,
Smiles may light our love tomorrow,
Doomed to part my faithful heart,
A gleam of joy from hope shall borrow.
Ah! ne'er forget when friends are near,
This heart alone is thine forever,
Thou may'st find those will love thee, love thee dear,
But not a love like mine, O never.

O, she was a canty quean;
Weel could she dance the Highland walloch;
How happy I had she been mine,
Or I been Roy of Aldivalloch!
Roy's wife, &c.

Her hair sae fair, her e'en sae clear,
her wee bit mou'sae sweet and bonnie-
To me she ever will be dear,
Though she's forever left her Jonnie.
Roy's wife, &c.



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