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When Night Comes O'er the Plain
S. Nelson

One of sixty-eight pieces bound in “The Shower of Pearls : A collection of the most beautiful duets, for two sopranos, soprano and alto, soprano and tenor, soprano and bass, and tenor and bass, arranged with an accompaniment for the piano-forte.”

Boston. Published by Oliver Ditson & Co. 277 Washington Street

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When night comes o'er the plain,
And moonlight o'er the sea,
Oh! meet me once again,
Where oft I've welcom'd thee.
When first the glow-worm's ray,
Illumes the verdant lea,
I'll leave my lonely way,
And wander forth with thee.
How dear is ev'ry spot,
Where oft in youth we stray'd.
The tree whose branches hung
Above the flowing rill,
Upon whose banks we sung,
The songs that haunt me still.

At evening's quiet hour,
O leave thy mountain home,
And seek thy peaceful bow'r,
To which we used to roam.
I'll sing the olden songs,
long neglected lays,
Whose brightest theme belongs
To youth's departed days,
How dear $c.



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