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F. Kucken

One of sixty-eight pieces bound in “The Shower of Pearls : A collection of the most beautiful duets, for two sopranos, soprano and alto, soprano and tenor, soprano and bass, and tenor and bass, arranged with an accompaniment for the piano-forte.”

Boston. Published by Oliver Ditson & Co. 277 Washington Street

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Bounding, bounding boat go lightly
O'er the swelling water, O!
Tilting, tilting wave gleam brightly,
In the starlight's golden glow!
Thro' the still night sound, O song,
Where love lingers list'ning long,
Where love lingers, where love lingers, lingers list'ning long;
Bounding, bounding bounding boat go lightly,
O'er the swelling water O! Song! Where love linger list'ning long.
Lo! her longing, faithful arms she reaches
Forth to greet me from the shore,
Yes, my true love, on the beach is,
playful ran she on before!



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